At the Gardner Law Group, we are a full-service law firm ready to meet your legal needs.  Specializing in DUI defense and licensing matters, our firm provides competent legal services to defend our clients' rights and freedom.  Attorney Brittany R. Gardner, Esq. has dedicated her legal career to representing those charged with a DUI and continues to ensure that she stays knowledge of the DUI laws and penalties.  Our mission is to provide clients with holistic legal representation.  We believe in loyalty, compassion, and judgment-free relationships.  We provide legal services to individuals from all walks of life.  Whether these individuals find themselves caught in the snares of the criminal justice system, battling license suspension, or unsure of what steps to take next, our firm is ready, willing, and able to provide exceptional legal services.

If you would like a free and confidential consultation relating to DUI charges and/or licensing issues, call our office at (215) 421-1199.  Feel free to contact us here as well, or schedule a consultation here.

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